The Transgender Bathroom Situation

I want you to think back a bit. Before the infamous House Bill 2 in North Carolina in 2016, which restricted trans individuals from using the bathroom aligned with their gender, how much did you think about trans people using the bathroom? I imagine, unless you are, or are related to, a trans person, not a whole lot. I’m in my mid-30s and never, not once, have I gone into the men’s room wondering if any of the people using the bathroom are trans. So why on earth did this bill get made in the first place? Let’s get to the bottom of it…

Understanding transition with your friends

< Return to The Proud Path Blog The Short Answer: Ask them to educate themselves. The Long Answer: LGBTQ+ people have an interesting journey. So far, it seems as though a part of the LGBTQ+ experience is not only to discover that we are not straight/cis/etc. but...

How can I come out at school?

How can I come out at school? by Nathaniel Gray Answer by Nathaniel Gray: Okay, first of all, congrats to you for going through the wild process of discovering that you aren’t straight or cisgender, and now reaching a place of security that would allow you to share it...

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