But, How Do You Know?

“When did you choose?” “What makes you so sure?” “Have you TRIED it yet?” “How did you decide?”

Queer people have heard all of these questions, and their many variations. And each time, I am certain the person who is asking is curious; they want to understand, and for the most part, are genuine and well-intended. It is awesome that they want to know how it works, and I want to make sure I stress that asking a question like this doesn’t make you a bad person. That said, please stop asking these questions. Why, you may ask? Well…

What are some tips for coming out to older relatives?

< Return to The Proud Path Blog The Short Answer: Be gentle, be assertive, be understanding. The Long Answer: Coming out is a personal decision. It isn’t necessary for anyone to do it, and it isn’t required for anyone to separate off parts of the family they think...

Why am I scared to come out?

< Return to The Proud Path Blog The Short Answer: Coming out is scary. The Long Answer: Coming out is one of the most unusual things any person has to do. If you’re a teen, you have to tell your parents, people you rely on for love and support, something that they...

Should I take my parents to a transgender support group?

Should I take my parents to a transgender support group? by Nathaniel Gray Answer by Nathaniel Gray: First of all, congratulations on that most difficult of experiences, learning that you’re LGBTQ+ and then sharing it with others. Not all people respond to group...


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