And Your Bride-to-Be?

I’m getting married this year! In fact it’s like 8 weeks away, and I am feeling all the feelings about it. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that there are so many people to call and talk to and plan to orchestrate the whole thing. In my relationship, I’m that person, and I love it. It has been fun to pick venues, build our wedding website, and taste test cake! My fiancé and I aren’t particularly tied to any of the major traditional aspects of a wedding, which has made it fun to figure out how we want our wedding to be outside of the expectation. However, there are certain things that must be done, like getting tuxedos or reserving hotel rooms. These mundane tasks have taken an interesting turn for me as the planner. Every call I make and email I receive is drenched in good old heteronormativity. For those of you who see that word and think, “here we go again, another new crazy word for me to worry about,” I’ll try to explain it quickly.

I Come Out Every Day

The nature of being a queer person is very interesting. We don’t typically have two parents who are also LGBTQ+; we don’t typically know that we are a part of our minority group until middle childhood; no one can tell us that we are a part of the queer community, we have to come to that conclusion ourselves; in order to get support, we have to out ourselves and hope for the best. Now do that every day…

Why Is June LGBTQ+ Pride Month?

< Return to The Proud Path Blog How did the LGBTQ+ community settle on June for Pride Month? It might seem like it’s entirely random, but there is a good reason for LGBTQ+ pride month to be in June. The fight for LGBTQ+ rights has been going on for a very...

Gay by choice or gay by birth?

< Return to The Proud Path Blog The Short Answer: This is a classic question… Birth, but would it really matter? The Long Answer: What I find interesting about this question is, it’s almost never a gay person asking it. And what that means is that people who...


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